Student Builds a Solar Powered Land Mower

As the pollution level on our planet has reached to an alarming situation, lots of people around the world are stepping forward and taking initiative to do a bit on their own to help the environment. One such person is Samuel Hamill who is an electrical engineering student from Lawrence, and has invented a solar powered Lawn Mower.

Solar Powered Land Mower

Samuel’s prototype solar powered push mower is environmentally friendly, produces less pollution, fuel consumption is also less and is silent therefore there is no noise pollution too. The solar panel on the mower generates about 160 watts which power two DC motors one of which power the blades and the other to turn the solar panel. There is no storage battery to operate the Mower as it runs directly on the solar panel.

Every year in America 800 million gallons of gasoline is used to mow the lawns, producing tons of highly dangerous pollutants which harm our environment. Such types of sustainable and eco friendly  inventions will surely help in a big way by which we can protect our planet, save our money and make this world a better place to live.

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