Take a Plunge into The Les Paul Guitar Swimming Pool

If I ask you to relate between a Guitar and a swimming pool, you might scratch your head and wonder what a weird question it is. However today what we are bringing you is an amazing swimming pool which is having quite an odd relation with a Guitar. The Les Paul Guitar Swimming Pool is constructed by giving it the shape of a Guitar and surely the swimming pool’s elegance and beauty will be hitting  the musical notes of a person who takes a plunge into it.

Les Paul Guitar Swimming Pool

The Les Paul Guitar Swimming Pool is an inspirational and beautiful work of art and was a challenge for the designers who built it. The pool is designed by a Canadian based company known as Aqua-Tech Company. One passionate guitar collector client of the company came to their office looking for a Hot tub, but then suddenly somewhere out of blue he asked them to build a guitar-shaped swimming pool in his backyard.

The Les Paul Guitar Swimming Pool is an exact replica of a Les Paul Custom guitar and every minute detail has been kept while constructing the pool. It measures 19 meters and is very unique and cool as the water makes the vinyl lines look like they are dancing and playing your favorite songs.

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