You can now order the TreeHotel’s MirrorCube room for your own backyard

A unique and innovative hotel came into the picture about a year ago which impressed people with its design and its fusion with the nature. We are talking about the Treehotel situated in Harads wood in Sweden which offers a woodland retreat in tree houses which are perfectly blended into the treetops of the forest.

One of the most impressive rooms of the Swedish hotel is the Mirrorcube room designed by an architecture firm of Bolle Tham and Martin Videgård and costs around $650 a night. The company behind the treehotel is now selling the Mirrorcube directly to the consumers via mail order and therefore now you don’t have to travel to the world’s another corner to experience a night in the Mirrorcube but you can do that in your backyard too.

TreeHotel's MirrorCube


The Mirrorcube offers a panoramic view featuring six windows and can accommodate two people and is equipped with a double bed, bathroom, lounge, and rooftop terrace. The mirrored walls of the Cube help it to blend with the nature and the infrared film protects the birds colliding into the house. The Mirrorcube is expected to cost around a hefty sum of €275,000.

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