R-evolution Stealth Turntable by Audio Consulting

Audio Consulting, Swiss based company known for producing audio equipments is back with their new entry level turntable the R-evolution Stealth Turntable.

It uses a direct drive motor and the 2 kg platter is made out of wood and motor comes with an 8 kg shaft. 20 years old dried American walnut wood and a single 80 cm CNC milled donut are used for the outer ring of the turntable. After that the artists dedicate about four days of hard work to the Stealth and finally, after applying 10 layers of special bees wax the turntable is  complete.

R-evolution Stealth Turntable

R-evolution Stealth Turntable

The Turntable uses refined electrical parts and consumes only one watt of power for its rotation. The R-evolution Stealth Turntable will be available soon and is expected to sell for a whooping $150,000.

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