“Enable Talk” Sensory Glove translates sign language into speech

Four students from Ukraine have done a commendable and impressive job, by developing a hi-tech sensory glove that is capable of converting sign language into speech. The inventors call themselves QuadSquad and the product they have created is called “Enable Talk” that will provide voice to millions of people worldwide with speech and hearing impairments.

The sensory glove is equipped with number of sensors which includes touch sensors, gyroscopes, flex sensors, solar panels and accelerometers. These sensors read the hand movements and translate them into spoken words through a smartphone application. The QuadSquad team said that a good thing about this glove is that it is very cheap and can be created for around $75.

"Enable Talk" sensory glove by QuadSquad

Enable Talk by QuadSquad

Enable Talk is gaining lots of attention and popularity and recently it also won the Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2012 held in Australia, a competition which celebrates innovation in technology.

"Enable Talk" sensory glove by QuadSquad

“Enable Talk” sensory glove

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