Fake replica of Bugatti Type 51 is expected to fetch £100,000

Want to own a £2million worth Bugatti Type 51 Race Car but really can’t afford it. Here’s your another option, a fake replica of the car built by a London based engineer Keith Butti in 1980s which is up for auction and is expected to fetch about £100,000.

The car belonged to Alan Riley who died in 2010, which was left to rot in a garage for more than nine years with lots of rubbish before it was discovered by the Brightwells auction house.

Fake replica Bugatti Type 51 Race Car

Fake replica Bugatti Type 51 Race Car

Riley bought the car in 1987 thinking it to be the original Bugatti Type 51 Race Car, and even died thinking the car to be the original 1931 grand prix winning car. However experts at Brightwells auction house discovered the car to be a fake replica with only two original Bugatti components. Still the car is expected to fetch a huge sum of £100,000 when it will be auctioned on September 26th at Brightwells Leominster, Herefordshire UK.

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