“Double” telepresence robot by Double Robotics

Now you don’t have to carry you iPad while you go somewhere, instead it will accompany you itself. Thanks to California based Double Robotics who has produced a revolutionary and creative Segway like looking telepresence robot.

Christened as Double, the 7kg telepresence robot uses couple of iPads: one of which is mounted on a motorized stand and sits on a self-balancing base and the other one becomes the remote control.

Telepresence robot by Double Robotics

“Double” telepresence robot

You can control the robot by using a Double Robotics app and can adjust the height for a better conversation. For saving energy Efficient motors and lightweight design is used and while you are not moving around a retractable kickstand is deployed automatically to conserve energy.

The first production stock of $2400 Double has already sold out. Now they have expanded their first production run and if you order now, you will get the device for a discounted price of $1,999.

telepresence robot by Double Robotics

“Double” telepresence robot

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