TuboHotel offers £20 a night in concrete drain pipes

How about coming across a £20 a night hotel while you are travelling on a tight budget? Surely it will bring a big smile to your face. The TuboHotel located near village of Tepozltan, just outside of Mexico City is one such unique and Eco friendly hotel that will provide you cheap and comfortable accommodation.

Made out of recycled concrete storm drains pipes, The TuboHotel is designed by T3arc Architecture and was opened back in 2010 after a three month construction. Each room measures 2.44 meters in diameter and 3.5 meters in length and features a queen size bed, lights, free wireless internet, a fan, a glass window and curtains.


The concrete pipes are placed in a pyramid shape, two at bottom and one on top for utilizing the available land. Located on a hilltop, the TuboHotel offer guests a panoramic view of Sierra del Tepozteco.

The TuboHotel in Mexico

After a cozy sleep you can enjoy on the outside with picnic tables, swimming pool, and rental barbecue units. You can get a unique, cheap and comfortable experience at the TuboHotel for £20-a-night during the week and £35 at weekends.

The TuboHotel in Mexico

The TuboHotel in Mexico

The TuboHotel in Mexico

Via: Dailymail/Unfinishedman

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