Most expensive Elephant dung coffee sells for $1,100 per kilogram

You might be surprised to know that one of the most expensive coffee beans in the world makes a journey through the digestive system of elephants before making it to a cup of coffee. The Anantara Resorts presents world’s most expensive coffee beans which are harvested from elephant dung. Known as Black Ivory, these coffee beans are digested and “naturally refined” by Thai elephants.

Most expensive Elephant dung coffee

Research tells that during digestion the enzymes of the elephant break down coffee protein, decreasing the bitterness in the coffee. The process begins with the picking of Thai Arabica beans from an altitude of 1500 meters before feeding them to the elephants. Then after the elephants have excreted, the beans are handpicked by the camp’s mahouts and their wives and then dried in the sun.

The coffee is then refined at the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation Camp. According to the resort, eight percent of all coffee sales will be donated to GTAEF.

Only 50 kilograms of the Elephant dung coffee is available for purchase, priced at $1,100 per kilogram. That means a cup of the most expensive coffee will cost you $50.

Most expensive Elephant dung coffee

Most expensive Elephant dung coffee

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