Car Crash Sculpture made by painting people

Few days back, we showed you amazing body painting in form of Human Motorcycles. Today also we are bringing to you is a body painted artwork, however this time it is a car instead of motorcycles and to be definite it is a crashed car.

Named “Body Crash”, this beautiful and mind blowing body painted art sculpture of a crashed car is the work of Australian artist and photographer Emma Hack.

"Body Crash", body painted art sculpture

“Body Crash”, body painted art sculpture

This artistic creation is made using 17 people, a group of bodybuilders, athletes and acrobats whose bodies were painted, contorted into the shape of a smashed car and then photographed by the artist in a long 18 hour process.

"Body Crash", body painted art sculpture

Body Crash, the body painted art sculpture is sponsored by the Motor Accident Commission as a part of an Australian road safety campaign.

Via: Laughingsquid

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