Döttling unveils world’s first travel safe ‘The Guardian’

A couple of weeks back we showed you one-of-a-kind Gyrowinder Watch winder by Döttling. Today we are bringing you another masterpiece from the German luxury safe manufacturer, ‘The Guardian’ which is the world’s first travel safe.

The Guardian measuring 35 cm long and 13.5 cm wide weighs about 4 kg and is designed as a high security safe to hold up to six watches, jewelry, cash or important documents.

‘The Guardian’ world’s first travel safe by Döttling

Multi-walled, high-security cylinder built into the leather is the highlight of the portable watch case. Materials like carbide highly tear-proof and cut-resistant aramid carbon-fiber fabric and polycarbonate have been used for creating the safe and preventing it from all threats of drilling, sawing and hammering.

‘The Guardian’ world’s first travel safe by Döttling

To open the high-security safe door of ‘The Guardian’ you have to enter a three-digit code. The world’s first travel safe is also equipped with a GPS tracking device and can be located anywhere around the world.

‘The Guardian’ world’s first travel safe by Döttling

‘The Guardian’ by Döttling comes with a shoulder strap as well as a carrying handle. Available in two options, the calfskin covered version costs 12000 Euros while you have to pay 14,500 Euros for the crocodile version.

‘The Guardian’ world’s first travel safe by Döttling

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