The $40,000 Audiophile’s Lacrima Speakers have beautiful curves

They are really beautiful, have amazing curves and are pretty expensive too. We are talking about the hand-built four-way Lacrima Speakers for Audiophile that produce the widest and most stable acoustic sweet spot of  all speaker systems available in the market.

The rounded and teardrop shape cabinet made from quasi-isotropic glass, reinforced plastic and a lightweight balsa core produces broad and horizontal sound dispersion across an area annihilating the distortion created by reflections in rectangular cabinets.

The Audiophile's Lacrima Speakers

The Audiophile’s Lacrima Speakers

Unwanted sound coloration and resonance is weakened by three tapered tubes which extend from the drivers to the back of the cabinet channel. The shape of the cabinet absorbs unwanted sounds, eliminates coloration and prevents reflections so that you can get refined and pure sound.

Before being hand-polished, the 41 kg speaker system undergoes careful and diligent hand-finishing process which includes two layers of high-body primer, three layers of pigment, four layers of clear lacquer and double wax coating. The gorgeous Audiophile’s Lacrima Speakers will set you back a huge sum of $40,000.

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