Mercier-Jones hovercraft is a futuristic recreational vehicle

Taking inspiration from supercars like Bugatti Veyron, Maserati Gran Turismo and Audi R8, Mercier-Jones has developed an astonishing recreational vehicle known as the Mercier-Jones hovercraft.

The open air cabin provides comfortable seating and the side decks offers additional seating for more passengers. The new patent-pending directional control system lets you to maneuver the hovercraft with ease as if you are driving a car.

Mercier-Jones hovercraft

Mercier-Jones hovercraft

The advanced vehicle is made from high quality materials such as carbon fiber and metal alloys and by combining construction techniques from automotive, marine and also from aerospace industries.

The Mercier-Jones hovercraft powered by hybrid- electric drive train system is equipped with a single gasoline engine that supplies electricity to the three electric motors. A battery pack is also available to hold reserve power for some extra boost. For more information and pre ordering details click here.

 Mercier-Jones hovercraft

Mercier-Jones hovercraft

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