Pope Francis will get a Pedal-powered Popemobile this summer

Environmental Transports Association has designed a pedal-powered Popemobile for the people’s pontiff, Pope Francis. Already known for using the public transport as much as possible, Pope Francis will be carrying the idea of previous Pontiff Pope Benedict of having an Eco friendly all electric vehicle.

The world’s first pedal-powered Popemobile is expected to cost £175,000, which is half the amount of the Pope’s current car. Besides it will be silent and have zero emissions.

world's first pedal-powered Popemobile


The armor-plated pedal-powered limousine will be equipped with 8mm bullet-proof Plexiglass windows, Built-in oxygen supply, Blast-proof body panels made from titanium and ceramic composite, solar panels on the roof for air conditioning, floor and roof compartment spotlights.

It comes with an operational speed of 6mph but during an emergency, a powerful 1.5kW electric motor can take it to a top speed of 38mph. The pedal-powered Popemobile for His Holiness is expected for delivery later this summer.

Via: Urbanvelo

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