Enjoy 20 minutes of power sleep in the Productivity Boosting Nap Pod

A couple of days back we showed you the ‘GoSleep’ sleeping pods installed at Dubai Airport which offers rest and a peaceful sleep. Today also we are showing you a Nap Pod that along with providing you a nice sleep will increase your work productivity too.

The Productivity Boosting Nap Pod is designed to raise productivity of an individual by providing a revitalization space for taking 20 minute naps.

The Productivity Boosting Nap Pod

Power sleep

According to NASA studies, power napping improves the concentration of a person by almost 34%. The functional design of the cushioned bed allows the user to bend his knees, elevate his feet and relax his lower back increasing blood flow of the body.

The dome shaped Pod offers semi privacy (a visor is also included for total isolation).  A built-in timer control at the armrest can be set to program the nap time. A built-in 200-watt Bose speaker plays number of tunes to keep you away from other distractions. Vibration and gradually brightening light wakes up the person without shaking him up suddenly.

The Productivity Boosting Nap Pod is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for $16,000.

The Productivity Boosting Nap Pod

The Productivity Boosting Nap Pod

Via: Hammacher Schlemmer

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