Hungarian man creates a functional wooden car

Istvan Puskas, an agricultural machine expert from Tiszaros, Hungary whose amazing wooden motorcycle were showcased here at Mycoolbin last summer is back again with his latest creation.

This time the guy has taken a step ahead and created a working car made entirely out of wood.  Istvan started working on the car around Christmas after getting encouragement from his wife. It took him four months to complete the vehicle.

Istvan Puskas wooden car

Istvan Puskas wooden car

This unique wooden car features a beer barrel fuel tank and other parts like the frame, axles and gears are all crafted from timber. Only non wooden parts are the Polish-made Fiat 126 engine, windshield, tires and the steering wheel which comes from an old Mercedes-Benz.

The car is not eligible to get a vehicle license, although the local policemen impressed with the creation have permitted Istvan and his wife Iren to drive the car in the local lanes of his village.

Istvan Puskas wooden car

Istvan Puskas wooden car

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