Portable Solar powered Pavilion will juice up the new Volvo V60

Los Angeles based synthesis design + architecture along with Buro Happold, Fabric Images and Volvo Car Italia has developed a portable solar-powered pavilion for the new Volvo’s V60 electric vehicle.

Winner of this year’s Switch to Pure Volvo Pavilion Design competition, The Pure Tension Volvo V60 Pavilion provides shelter like a conventional pavilion and also acts as a power source for the electric vehicle.

Portable solar-powered Pure Tension Pavilion

Portable solar-powered Pure Tension Pavilion

Supported by carbon fiber rods, the Pavilion is a collapsible tensile membrane structure made using high-density polyethylene mesh skin. The pavilion is embedded with photovoltaic cells which can convert indoor lighting also along with sunlight into energy to charge the vehicle.

Pure Tension Volvo V60 Pavilion

Pure Tension Volvo V60 Pavilion

What’s even better it that when not in use the entire structure can be folded and kept inside the trunk of the car. The portable solar-powered Pure Tension Pavilion will be premiered in September 2013 in Rome, Italy.

Via: TreehuggerDesignboom

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