Nature inspired Peacock Chair by UUfie

Nature has been the biggest inspiration behind the creative work of designers all over the globe. Eiri Ota and Irene Gardpoit Chan, designers of the Canadian architecture firm UUfie have also taken motivation from the nature and designed the Peacock Chair. The attractive piece portrays frozen moments of pleasure and delight representing an expression trying to capture a live instance such as blooming of flower or a bird’s tail fanning during first rainfall of the season.

Peacock Chair by UUfie

The process of designing and fabrication of the chair began just the same way as children create something while playing with paper by cutting, bending and folding it. The Peacock Chair is made from a type of acrylic composite which is made strong through thermoforming process and can be transformed to create a structure by utilizing a single sheet in couple of minutes.

The Peacock recliner comes in three versions: a larger limited edition version and two smaller options, all available in white and other color choices. The Peacock Chair by UUfie was on display at Design Miami.

Peacock Chair by UUfie

Via: Designboom

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