Air Purifying bike for a greener future

Pedaling bicycle for our daily commute is the cleanest way of transportation. It controls pollution and keeps us physically well too. Lightfog – Creative & Design Company, a Bangkok based firm has taken this way of green travelling to another level by creating a new Air Purifying bike concept that not only limits pollution but also removes it.  The Air-purifier environment friendly bike purifies the polluted air while you pedal your way to office using an air filter.

Air-purifier environment friendly bike

The aluminum frame of the Air Purifying bike is designed to run on a “photosynthesis system” to generate oxygen through a reaction between water and battery-powered electric motor. The bike not only cleans the polluted air while you ride but also works while parked. However, the photosynthesis bike is just a concept right now and numerable details are yet to be analyzed.  The company is planning to build a prototype soon. The future of the air cleaning bike concept looks bright as it design won the Red Dot recently. We hope that this innovative concept will be turned to reality someday.

Air-purifier environment friendly bike (2)

Via: Smartplanet

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