Designer creates charismatic furniture by wood burning

I don’t think anyone of us would prefer a charred piece of furniture in our living room. However, the Born 2B Burn furniture collection by Ukrainian designer Yarsolav Galant might change the way we think. The innovative designer uses the method of wood burning to transform a dull looking surface to a striking one. The process begins by subjecting the furniture frame to a temperature of about 2000°F. The short-term effect of such extreme heat carbonizes the outer surface of the frame without harming the core of the wood.

Charred wood furniture by Yarsolav Galant

Once the surface cools down, the furniture is implanted with epioftonol, a specific material patented by the designer himself. Then the pieces are left to crystallize to reach a desirable state which can take anywhere from a week to a month. Finally the furniture pieces are varnished to provide an exquisite look. The Charred wood furniture by Yarsolav Galant will certainly impress lots of people out there who want something unique for their living room.

Charred wood furniture by Yarsolav Galant (2)

Charred wood furniture by Yarsolav Galant (3)

Via: Captivatist/Mymodernmet

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