Doughnut and worm shaped glamping tents in Yang-Pyeong, South Korea

To the delight of campers out there, a lonesome campsite in Yang-Pyeong, South Korea has been developed with tents shaped like worms and doughnuts. ArchiWorkshop, a South Korea based studio is behind this unique project who designed the campsite with an aim to bring people close to the nature and also provide architectural experience and home like comfort to them.  Named Glamping for Glampers, the tents in the middle of nature comes with a modern design offering picturesque view of the valley, acres of forest and the flowing stream below.

Glamping for Glampers by ArchiWorkshop

Two types of tents are constructed at the campsite. One is the hollow and circular shaped Stacking Doughnut unit which has taken inspiration from pebble stones and the other is Modular Flow unit which has a long curving form just like a worm. The exterior of the glamping tents are covered from a skin made from a quality fabric membrane which is UV protected, water-proof and fire resistant. The interior comes with folding furniture which serves as a custom sofa during the day and transforms to a sleeping bed at night. Each unit is equipped with a toilet booth whose partition walls have been painted by a Korean artist.

 ArchiWorkshop (2)

 ArchiWorkshop (3)

 ArchiWorkshop (5)

 ArchiWorkshop (6)

Glamping for Glampers by ArchiWorkshop (7)

Glamping for Glampers by ArchiWorkshop (4)

Via: Dezeen

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