The Tranquility Pod relaxes your body, mind and spirit too

The hectic and stressful life to which a human being is subjected everyday is certainly a lot to ask from body and mind of a person. We probably need something that soothes us and provide us with ultimate comfort that can make the all day long strain disappear. Enters a cool relaxing personal space in the form of Tranquility Pod, exactly what is the required after a long stressful day at the office. Available at Hammacher Schlemmer for a hefty price of $30,000, the Transport perceptual pod combines pleasant lighting, soothing sound and vibration taking your mind and body to another world of relaxation.

Tranquility Pod by Alberto Frias

Designed by Alberto Frias, the womb- shaped pod is handcrafted from fiberglass into a polished, glossy gel-coat surface. The ellipsoid exterior of the pod blocks out 90% of the outside noise while you enjoy music through an integrated 80-watt, four-speaker sound system via your smartphone or iPod. The sound vibrations of the subwoofer flow through your body sending you to a euphoric state. The biofeedback system of the Tranquility Pod uses a pulse sensor to harmonize your heart rate with 50 LEDs embedded inside the pod creating ambient lighting to soothe your mind. As you lie inside, an octagonal temperature controlled waterbed takes you to your world of dreams.

Tranquility Pod by Alberto Frias

Tranquility Pod by Alberto Frias (


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