World’s First Smart Wireless Headphones can be your music player and heart rate tracker too

BRAGI, a Munich-based manufacturer of outdoors, physical fitness and audiovisual equipments has developed the world’s first wireless smart in ear headphones. Dubbed The Dash, these smart wireless headphones are incorporated with unique combination of features such as stylish design, high quality audio, biometrics, wearable technology and telephony functionality. Consisting of a pair of discrete and completely wireless stereo earphones, it also works as an MP3 player and can play your favorite music through a Bluetooth connection or from an embedded 4GB/1000 song music player. Not only that, the Dash is capable of tracking movements like pace, steps, cadence and distance. It can also measure the heart rate, oxygen saturation and energy spent and is able to provide you with real time acoustic feedback, even without an attached smartphone.

world's first smart wireless headphones by BRAGI

The Dash by BRAGI also works as a Bluetooth Headset and conveys clear voice quality through the integrated ear bone microphone. However, the transparent audio feature gives the wearer the choice to channel surrounding sound into the headphone. A simple swipe on the capacitive touch surface of the earphone allows the wearer to turn on/off the transparent audio feature. Weighing less than 13.8 grams, a Dash ear phone comes with three point secure fit and three different sized silicone sleeves to fit your ear. Some other features includes a 3-axis accelerometer, an ambient mic, a thermometer, a 5 field capacitive sensor, Dual Mode Bluetooth 4.0,an ear bone microphone, a Red+IR LED & optical sensor and a 100 mAh battery.

world's first smart wireless headphones by BRAGI

The world’s first smart wireless headphones by BRAGI are currently raising funds on Kickstarter where they have smashed the funding goal of $260,000 with more than 46 days to go.

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