Syqe Inhaler: World’s first 3D printed medical cannabis inhaler

3D printed marijuana inhaler by Syqe Medical Ltd

3D printing technology has opened a lot of possibilities for companies and developers to try create something new more often than before. We have seen people experimenting with the 3d print technology in almost every field from medical science to fashion and to music industry. Working with this technology Syqe Medical Ltd, an Israeli startup has developed the world’s first 3D printed marijuana inhaler. Dubbed Syqe Inhaler, the pocket-sized medical cannabis inhaler will help physicians overcome the unpredictability of prescribing cannabis.

Under development from the past four years, the project is backed by the Israeli government and consists a team of engineers, physicians, pharmacologists, chemists and biologists. Their goal is simple: to transform cannabis into mainstream medical drugs. Besides being 3D printed, the Syqe Medical Marijuana Inhaler is Wi-Fi enabled too and can connect to a smartphone or tablet. Thus, physician will be able to deliver precisely measured and regularly metered dosages of cannabis to the patients. They will also be able to monitor and administer the effectiveness of each dosage through the smartphone and tablet app.

Syqe Medical Ltd

 Syqe Medical Ltd

First of its kind, the 3D printed medical marijuana inhaler Stratasys 3D printers have been used to create almost 75% of the parts for the device. The inhaler comes in two variants: Syqe Inhaler which is developed for home use and the Syqe Inhaler Exo for hospital use. The Syqe Inhaler for home use is expected to hit the market in early 2015.

Syqe Inhaler Exo

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