How about a 3D printed Batman suit?

3D printed Batman suit by Crimson Coscrafts, Tundra Designs and Gauntlet FX

3D printing technology has opened so many dimensions for designers and artists around the world. The technology has given creative people freedom so that they can stretch the boundaries and try something innovative, unique and fun. Here is a latest example: a 3D printed Batman suit. UK-based Crimson Coscrafts along with Tundra Designs and Gauntlet FX have come together to create a Batman suit by making use of the advanced 3D modeling and 3D printing techniques. The 3D printed suit is an exact replica of the Batman costume from Batman: Arkham Origins, an action-adventure video game developed by Warner Bros.

3D printed Batman suit by Crimson Coscrafts, Tundra Designs and Gauntlet FX

The 3D printed Batman suit was first 3D modeled, then 3d printed and finally a mold was created to cast it. The 3D modeling work was done by Crimson Coscrafts whereas the 3D printing was finalized by Tundra Designs and the final process of molding and casting was completed by Gauntlet FX. According to Stevie Dee of Crimson Coscrafts, the suit is comfortable to wear and movement is great. He went with Dark Knight Skin color to get 100% completion instead of standard Arkham Origins color.
If you are a huge Batman fan and looking to get one of these 3D printed suits for yourself, you can contact Gauntlet FX or Tundra Designs. However, there is no word on pricing yet.

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