Originative interior bisected by street graffiti and white space

Pavel Vetrov’s half white, half graffiti room

Is your home interior crying out for a playful makeover? Well, this creative interior by Ukrainian artist named Pavel Vetrov is showing you how it’s done. Vetrov has split interior scheme of a hotel room into white space and artistic street graffiti, forming a perfect amalgam of sophistication and friskiness.

Pavel Vetrov’s half white, half graffiti room

Splitting straight down the middle, the contrary styles are breaking the living space into two different arrangements. One side is vivacious, lively, full of colors, graphics and unusual graffiti, whereas the adjoin side is completely white and clean.

Pavel Vetrov’s half white, half graffiti room
Furthermore, bed-sheets as well as furnishings are matching with the respective sections. This is the most amazing and truly stylish interior we’ve seen so far. Even you can try out similar design scheme into your living space. Well, which side you would prefer?

Via: Boredpanda

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