Electrifying 3D printed guitar inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s fictional characters

3D printed guitar by Francesco Orrù

3D printing technology has already touched musical instruments, giving them a revolutionary makeover. Now the latest addition to harmonious instruments is the gorgeous 3D printed guitar by Italian designer Francesco Orrù. He got highly influenced by H.P. Lovecraft’s fictional characters especially from Godfish story and Necronomicon art.

3D printed guitar by Francesco Orrù

Orrù decided to use such pioneering artwork in this latest creation for music lovers. The awe-inspiring guitar is made out of 3D printed plastic, which emulates scorpion pincers for the bottom part and other virtual characters can be seen on other sections of the guitar. It consists of eight 3D printed parts such as six parts for body, one for the pickup and one for the volume cover.

3D printed guitar by Francesco Orrù

However certain parts are not 3D printed; these include neck, bridge, a set of strings, tone knobs, neck plate, etc. To finish 3D printing the entire guitar, it took about 80 hours using Delta Wasp 3D printer. The horizontal central parts for the pickups on the guitar took more time for printing and produce a melodious sound, just like conventional wood guitars.
The good news is that even you can create the identical guitar, as Orrù has shared the files to download on MyMiniFactory. So all guitar lovers out there take out your 3D printer and start printing the same eye-catching guitar to satisfy your inner musician.

3D printed guitar by Francesco Orrù

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