Remy Martin’s first ever smart cognac bottle ensures authenticity

Remy Martin Club Connected Bottle

From aristocratic royalty to businessmen, luxury liquors define powerful men with status, wealth and dignity. However, a keen eye and years of experience are required to scrutinize authenticity of superior quality alcohol, but in future the smart alcohol bottle will combat counterfeiting of luxury beverages.

Remy Martin Club Connected Bottle

Premium alcohol maker Remy Martin has collaborated with Belgium-based technology company Selinko to reveal world’s first ever smart cognac bottle to ensure genuineness and freshness of liquor contained in the bottle. It is based on NFC technology that integrates a tamper-proof NFC chip on bottle’s sealing capsule to provide accurate information about legitimacy of its seal.
With a companion Android smartphone app, the consumers can simply tap their phone on the top of the bottle. Further the app will display whether the bottle’s seal is genuine or it’s resealed. This is because resealed bottles obviously decline value and originality of beverages. On tapping the bottle again, you’ll get entire interactive news about rewards and special events, as well as earn company’s promotional points.
Due to these connected bottles, the problem of counterfeiting is expected to be controlled to some extent. Therefore, to maintain purity and high quality of luxury liquors, these prestigious firms have taken the smarter step. So before shelling out cash on luxury alcohol, be sure about its authenticity.
As of now, the Remy Martin Club Connected Bottle will be available in nightclubs in China, before worldwide distribution.

Via: Cognac-expert

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