Concept headphones integrated into bike helmets hear more than just music

Safe + Sound Headphones for Cyclists

We all love to hear our favorite music while riding our bikes, don’t we? But problem with this entertaining habit is that sometimes we completely get into the music and forget about surrounding environment, which certainly is an open invitation to road accidents. So what do we do? Stop hearing the music while cycling?

No, you don’t have to trouble yourself. As Gemma Roper from Royal College of Arts, London understands the need of hearing music when you ride a bike. So, Roper has come up with a conceptual headphones set called Safe+Sound to keep riders safe while cycling, no matter how loud you play the music.

Safe + Sound Headphones for Cyclists

This is because the headphones are integrated with bone conduction technology to play music vibrations on top of the user’s cheekbones and transmit the waves into inner ear, instead of playing tunes directly into eardrums.

Due to this, the volume of music is not too loud so that cyclists hear sound of their environment along with their favorite music. So bike riders can easily listen to traffic sounds as well, without worrying about any collision due to distraction.

Safe + Sound Headphones for Cyclists

Keeping cyclists’ comfort in mind, the headphones are designed to perfectly fit within your headgear’s strap, providing utmost comfort and entertainment at the same time. Sadly, this amazing headphone is in its prototype phase and needs further testing before its commercial launch. But this music gear is surely impressive the way it works to keep bike riders safe.

Via: Wired

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