It’s time to eat your own head on a 3D printed candy stick!

Candy Mechanics-3D Printed Selfies on Candy Sticks

3D printing technology has touch almost everything from work-related objects to household devices, and food is no exception to that. We even keep hearing about delicious 3D printed food every now or then, but how about eating your own head on a candy stick?

Well, a team of seven talented people has participated in six-week Makerversity popup in London at Selfridges to create their most exciting confectionery brand called Candy Mechanics. This unique brand offers you to treat yourself while eating your own face, 3D printed on a delicious candy stick.

Candy Mechanics-3D Printed Selfies on Candy Sticks

The tempting lineup of 3D printed candies invite people to just take their best selfie and get it 3D printed in shape of any flavored candy they like. To create yummilicious sweet treat after snacktime, the team basically 3D scans each willing individual. After that, they 3D print confections in six different gourmet flavored candy sticks.

You can request the confectionery brand to custom-made your faces 3D printed in six different flavors such as: Freeze-dried raspberry and salted pistachio, lemon and biscuit crumb, banana and salted peanut, salted corn and chocolate crumb, peanut and chocolate crumb, and freeze-dried raspberry and black sesame seed.

Candy Mechanics-3D Printed Selfies on Candy Sticks

This amazing food technology is to let people humorously interact with what they like to eat. Next time, give yourself some kick with these high-caloric 3D printed candies, when you’re feeling hungry or want something sweet after a meal.

However, orders must be for at least 100 3D printed candies. So you can make your family and friends happy with personalized sweet treat at special occasions like weddings, parties, etc.

Head over here to find out how team worked on the custom-made 3D printed candies.

Via: 3DPrint

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