You can drive safely at night, all thanks to Ford’s new spotlighting system

Ford’s new spotlighting system

There are various hi-end technologies incorporated within luxury cars, but still drivers complain about collisions at night because headlights of their car are not wide enough to track cyclists or pedestrians. Although European car industry has already created some advance car lighting systems to prevent road accidents at night, but US auto-market still refrain from such technology.

Not anymore, as Ford is planning to bring advanced front-lighting technologies into US car industry. The latest lighting system is aiming to avoid collisions, making driving at night safer. Ford is working on two type of lighting systems: the first one is camera-based advanced front light system and the second one is spotlighting system.

Ford’s new spotlighting system

The camera-based lighting technology is the blend of adaptive lighting system and traffic sign recognition. It brilliantly reads traffic signals and use GPS tracking system’s data to widen the range of headlights toward roundabouts. Due to this, the driver gets clear idea about roadsides as well as curvatures, so no accident occurs in the dark. In case GPS system is not working, the car uses cameras for viewing road and to illuminate brighter lights for safety.

On the other hand, the spotlighting technology comes in shape of LED headlights. This technology uses infrared camera that’s fixed onto vehicle’s grille to view outside pedestrians, animals or cyclists through their body heat. Ford’s lighting system is beneficial while diving in residential locations without street lights. The driver will get clear view of the road on a dashboard screen, which shows the number of passerbys on road.

Ford’s new spotlighting system

These futuristic technologies are not only innovative, but user-friendly and functional at the same time, Hopefully, soon US automakers will be seen incorporating this technology into their upcoming car models.

Check out the video to find out more about Ford’s advance LED lighting system.

Source: Ford

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