Is Apple planning to launch solar-powered iPhone 7 in 2016?


In 2016, you’ll be holding next generation iPhone 7 in your hands with more advanced features and technology. If rumors to be believed, Apple could be planning to embed solar cells beneath touchscreens to increase battery life of your smartphone with no need of charging it every now or then.

The firm has recently been granted a US patent for solar panel technology, which will be hidden behind Apple’s upcoming touch-sensitive surfaces, such as Macbook trackpad, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch’s display. Besides all that, the technology will even be included in desktop peripherals like Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad and keyboard.

Solar-powered iPhone 7

With this sun-powered patented technology, the renowned tech giant would be able to enhance battery life of power-hungry devices. A solar-power cell resting within bezel will efficiently convert sun energy into electrical power to keep your smart gadgets charged all the time.

Solar-powered iPhone 7

Apart from a solar-powered touch screen, the upcoming iPhone is rumored to be launched without its iconic circular Home Button and physical Touch ID. The front button will be replaced by Force Touch Display. Moreover, the updated operating system -iOS 9 will also add an extra hour of battery into your smartphone.

With so much efforts to improve battery life, the upcoming iPhone 7 might not require chargers frequently. We’re eagerly waiting to see the latest iPhone 7 and what else will be offered to the customers.

Solar-powered iPhone 7

Via: Express / TheBitBag

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