Apple and Samsung to come up with SIM-less smartphones

Apple and Samsung e-SIM

Yesterday, we acquainted you with Apple’s rumored solar-powered touchscreen iPhone 7. Another news that’s buzzing the internet these days is the collaboration of bigwigs Apple and Samsung to develop the latest SIM-less technology for future smartphones. GSMA, the main association for mobile operators worldwide, has confirmed the agreement between both tech giants for a standardized embedded SIM.

Apple and Samsung e-SIM

For decades, we’ve been using plastic SIM cards but have to pay extra charges for services by mobile operators. However, the electronic SIMs will make it easier for users to switch between telecom operators for better services and security, reports the Financial Times.

The current SIM cards by different mobile carriers are simply locked-in mobile handsets. Further, the mobile operators of the particular SIM provide relevant plans for network and services. In case one wants to switch mobile plans from different service providers, they can’t do that easily and often end up carrying an extra smartphone with different SIM card.

Apple and Samsung e-SIM

But all thanks to the futuristic e-SIM, you don’t have to rely on physical SIM cards. Moreover, switching service providers/mobile carries will also be much easier. This is because the electronic SIMs will be controlled via smartphone app that allows switching networks at a single touch on your smartphone’s screen.

With this latest technology, users will be able to use their mobile devices without requiring a SIM card slot, meanwhile maximizing extra free space for hardware and other features. Besides being offering easy service provider facilities via companion app, the latest e-SIMs would be meant to increase the user security. As unlocking smartphones will not be an easy task for hackers.

According to the resources, the SIM-less technology is expected to be seen very soon in upcoming iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S lineup. So the future smartphones are all set to be smarter and more secure, like never before.

Apple and Samsung e-SIM

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