Punkt’s MP01 minimalist mobile phone brings us back to basics

Punkt MP01 mobile phone

Technology has come a long way, as we’re connected to the world 24 hours with our smartphones. Besides connecting us with our loved ones, the same smartphone technology even connects us with our smart home or smart appliances.

But don’t you feel something has been missing even though we are surrounded by such advanced devices all the time. For instance, people spend most of their time with smartphones rather than interacting with each other at restaurants, bars, public places or home.

Punkt MP01 mobile phone

If you are one of those who dislike this weird human behavior and want to get back to basics, then the nitty-gritty MP01 mobile phone by Punkt is just for you. With simple keypad and 2-inch Gorilla glass LCD display, the minimal design reminds us of yesteryear’s phones.

The mobile phone also comes with a long-lasting battery life that lasts for about four weeks on standby or 290 minutes of talktime. Looking for a phone with internet connectivity, music player and gaming options? Then, this one is certainly not for you. As it is created especially for those who need a break from all the noise of never-ending notifications of texts messages, emails or social media.

Punkt MP01 mobile phone

MP01 can store contacts, send and receive texts messages, make calls and act as a calender. So it’s a simple device to forget the vague digital world and bring you back into the real world. It is expected to be released in September 2015; you can reserve yours now from Punkt’s official website.

Via: Ubergizmo

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