Sirène: A single-passenger solar-powered driverless boat

Sirène solar-powered driverless boat by Jan Bujnak

Charles, a concept vehicle factory has collaborated with Slovak Republic- based industrial designer Jan Bujnak to develop a single-passenger solar-powered driverless boat. The Kayak is propelled by an innovative biomimetic propulsion system that imitates the movement of a dolphin’s tail. Dubbed The Sirène concept, the personal watercraft comes with a driverless computer system which allows the passenger to sit back and relax while cruising around the lake.

The idea behind the concept is to increase the comfort of a passenger and provide him ample time to enjoy the view and surroundings of the lake. Thus, the designers have integrated the hi-tech boat with a driverless feature, an efficient propulsion system and solar panels to harness the sun’s energy.
The oscillating propulsion system of the Sirène concept works by moving up and down just like the tail of a dolphin; therefore pushing the watercraft in the forward direction. The hull of the boat will protect an automated navigation system and two packs of ion lithium batteries capable of offering a 6-hour ride.
The solar-powered driverless Kayak will work using solar, electric and mechanical energy as well. Solar energy will be generated from flexible solar panels located on the deck. When not in use, the solar panels will charge the lithium batteries. Also, they can be charged via a power grid through an outboard charger. One can also fill up the batteries mechanically while riding by engaging a dynamo to the pedals of the boat.
The Sirène solar-powered driverless boat concept is absolutely eco-friendly as it does not produce any sound or emit any CO2. The company is in the middle of creating a prototype and only time will tell if they’ll be able to attract some potential customers for this driverless boat. We will let you know if any new information comes up.

Via: Theglobeandmail

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