Steampunk-inspired 3D printed prosthetic hand modeled after Iron Man

Steampunk-inspired 3D Printed Iron Man Hand by Jan Wan

With a desire to change anyone’s physical disability into something cool and functional, designer Jan Wan (aka Valcrow; man behind 3D printed Ducati 1199 Superbike model) has created a spectacular 3D printed prosthetic hand inspired by Iron Man.

Steampunk-inspired 3D Printed Iron Man Hand by Jan Wan

Well, 3D printed Iron Man hand is not new to the world, so Wan has given a steampunk twist to his creation. Due to its steampunk style, the artificial superhero-inspired prosthetic limb seems more realistic as if coming straight of Marvel’s comics.

Together with Ultimaker, who have been involved with volunteer organization e-NABLE, Wan has given a fun twist to this Avengers-themed hand. Even minute details of this Iron Man hand are 3D printed; large parts are printed at resolution of 150 microns, whereas other small parts are printed between 90-120 microns.

Finger joints of the hand elegantly holds previous joint’s pin in place, firmly clasping entire finger together. Therefore, all parts are snapped onto each other without using any kind of glue or fastener. Moreover, iconic red and golden colors of the original Iron Man hand are also included on this stunning 3D printed design.

Steampunk-inspired 3D Printed Iron Man Hand by Jan Wan

Another interesting feature of the artificial hand is that it can be controlled via movements of muscles, making it feel like a natural limb but in superhero style. However, to create this stylish yet practical 3D printed limb Wan has faced several problems and finally got that right after a full week’s hardwork.

Steampunk-inspired 3D Printed Iron Man Hand by Jan Wan

But lucky you, as Wan has shared his design files for download on YouMagine for those who wish to add small bit of their favorite superhero into their life. You can download the files to 3D print this eye-catching Iron Man prosthetic hand free of charge, to bring out your inner superhero. Spare a thought about this stunning steampunk hand and would you like to 3D print one for yourself?

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