Is your rooftop ready for solar panel installation? Find out with Google’s Project Sunroof

Google Project Sunroof

To cut down excessive utility bills and make the most out of solar energy, people around the world have started opting solar panels from Solar City; thus improving state of renewable energy. But according to Google search, people are more likely to find out whether their rooftops are liable for solar panel installation or not.

Besides that, they also have queries regarding on which area these panels could be installed to cut down their maximum power bills. Keeping all these queries in mind, developers at Google have come up with all-in-one solution in form of an information tool entitled as Project Sunroof.

The unique project or tool is aiming to help consumers in deciding about solar panel installation more conveniently. Using data from Google Maps, the project lets you analyze about availability of sun in your area, how much sun rays hit your rooftop throughout the day and how much space can be attained for solar panels to generate maximum power.

Google Project Sunroof

This means there’s no need to cover your entire roof with solar panels unnecessarily, just fix few panels on specific areas where sunlight remains all day. Due to this, your installation cost will be reduced, further minimizing energy costs.

Do you live in a rented apartment and don’t have any option to buy expensive solar panels? Don’t worry, Project Sunroof also suggests nearby companies or solar providers to demand Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). Therefore, masses will highly benefit from this latest project, without any need of consulting number of sources.

Project Sunroof currently rolls-out only in San Francisco, Fresno and Boston, but Google is planning to extend it in entire US, and eventually worldwide.

Via: TechCrunch

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    Informative Article! Solar Panels Energy from the sun is clean and renewable. Installing a Home Solar Panels is the best way to beat rising electricity costs.And we are also helping our environment by producing clean energy. Mean’s Solar Panels is important resources for our future.

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