Xterrain500 electric bicycle comes with a custom 10-inch wide front tire

Xterrain500 electric bicycle

Xterrain, US-based manufacturers of sand and snow bikes have unveiled an all terrain bike which boasts a custom 10-inch-wide front tire. Dubbed Xterrain500, the electric bicycle with its custom fat tire can glide on soft surfaces such as the beach sand, snow and mud pretty comfortably. Although, there are several fat tire type bicycles available in the market today, but most of them comes with a 4-inch wide tire which is difficult to handle on soft beach sand and only do good on packed sand. On the other hand, the Xterrain500 electric bicycle with its ATV inspired front tire can ride on any surface with ease.

The electric bike comes with a 4.6-inch wide rear fat tire and is also equipped with a 500-watt motor which provides help with propulsion. Thus, along with the fat tire, the motor of the all-terrain electric bicycle will allow the rider to easily glide through any type of surface. Whether you are riding on soft sand, mud, gravel or snow, it will take you anywhere and everywhere. The electric bike packs a 48 volt battery powering the motor which can go for 20 miles on a single charge with a top speed of 20mph.

Xterrain500 all-terrain electric bicycle

Also, the Xterrain500 electric bicycle will come with an extra standard 4-inch tire that can be switched back and forth with the wider ATV tire. To accommodate both tires with different size, the electric bike comes with a unique 4-hole, triple tree fork plate which allows the rider to move the fork tubes closer or farther. Besides that, the bike will include a Shimano Turney gear and a RockShox front suspension as well.
Sadly for impatient ones, the Xterrain500 electric bicycle is not available for purchase yet. However, the makers are planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo soon. If successfully funded, the bicycle will go on sale for $1,600.

Via: Slashgear

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