Re-View: Miniwiz creates sunglasses from recycled CDs and rice husks

RE-View sunglassses made from recycled trash

Miniwiz, a Taipei-based company dedicated to upcycling trash has created a pair of sunglasses from recycled CDs and rice husks. Established in March 2006 by architect Arthur Huang, the company became popular for its design of EcoARK, Re-case and its 100% Trash made iPhone 4/4s case. Now, the firm has unveiled their latest eco-friendly product, a trendy pair of sunglasses built from upcycled trash. Named Miniwiz RE-View, each pair of shades is made from recycled post-consumer CDs and DVDs, enhanced with carbonized rice husk (from agricultural waste). The post-consumer PC (polycarbonate) infused with carbonized rice husk fibers is lighter than virgin polycarbonate.

Miniwiz RE-View sunglassses

Flexible and impact resistant, Re-View sunglasses are enhanced with 400nm worth of UV protection and color refinement. Miniwiz has a strict QC system and third party control to deal with post-consumer waste in order to ensure non-allergenic impurities and guarantee consistency and safety.

RE-View sunglasses by Miniwiz

The case of the sunglasses is also made from recycled PP (polypropylene) and comes with a collapsible design which offers easy pocket storage. Each pair (a pack of frame and a case) accomplishes about 70%+ carbon savings. For now, the RE-View by Miniwiz is available in forest green color only. However, the company will be launching a range of color options soon.

RE-View sunglasses case by Miniwiz

Via: Ecobuildingpulse

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