Outdoor seating by Kreoo mimics natural rock formations

Nature-inspired  seating by Kreoo

When it comes to buying furniture for our home, we often think about well-crafted and stylish designs. But what if your furniture is made out of some randomly stacked materials? Seems hard to imagine, right? But Italian marble company Kreoo has made that possible all thanks to its Pave outdoor seating that resembles random stone piles.

Nature-inspired seating by Kreoo

Created by designer Enzo Berti, the stone-inspired seats are made from natural layers of marble, wood and leather. These sleek, organic outdoor chairs can be used in variety of ways to add functionality as well as elegance to any backyard, poolside or garden area.

Nature-inspired outdoor seating by Kreoo

Designer has carefully created these outdoor seats to make them look-like natural stones, which are usually found around riverside. Each seating system can withstand all climatic conditions, without losing its stunning charm. There are six simple yet practical chair designs that can turn any boring area to artistically enticing decor.

Nature-inspired outdoor seating by Kreoo

Pave Stone seats resemble large river rocks, these are composed of marble base and wood seat. Pave Log is a bench with stones as base and long wooden beam upholstered in leather serves as a comfy seat. Just like Pave Stone, River & Stream seats are also made from marble and wood, but these are more compact as well as sculptural.

Nature-inspired outdoor seating by Kreoo

Oasi seats are replica of tropical islands when viewed from top, these chairs comprises of fine layers of marble with heat-treated ash on top. These are perfect for both indoor and outdoor areas of your house, giving minimally striking appearance to any place where they are kept.

Nature-inspired outdoor seating by Kreoo

On the other hand, Moon seats are flexible furniture pieces with marble-topped surface. It can serve as a stool or a table, depending on your need. Lastly, the Grove modular bench system features marble seat and Iroko wood pillars, giving curvy formation to the seating areas. Using such alluring stone seating, you can naturally adorn patio or other outdoor spaces of your living space.

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