B&O’s curvy wireless speaker BeoPlay A6 at IFA 2015

B&O BeoPlay A6 at IFA 2015

At IFA 2015, Bang & Olufsen has unveiled its latest curved wireless speaker, BeoPlay A6. Created by award winning Danish designer Jakob Wagner, its bent shaped is designed purposely to fill an entire room with sound. Every other speaker company claims to provide a quality surround sound, but what’s new in this device is its out-of-shape and compact layout.

B&O BeoPlay A6 at IFA 2015

With this odd-shaped speaker, B&O is expanding its Play series of affordable and playful speakers. You can easily stream music from this wireless speaker, through your smartphone or computer through a 3.5mm aux or wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0. B&O’s BeoLink multiroom system can also connect with AirPlay or DLNA to play your favorite music on single or multiple A6 speakers at your home.

B&O BeoPlay A6 at IFA 2015

BeoPlay A6 is a five-channel speaker with four speakers at front and additional driver at its back. The speaker is also integrated two 5.5-inch woofers, which come with 60W class D amplifier and two 3/4-inch tweeters. It is programmed with three different equalizer modes that can be selected with a control on its back.

A touch-sensitive strip is equipped on its top narrow edge for controlling volume, play/pause the music and to skip between tracks. Another highlighting feature of the speaker is that its front section is lined with a fabric made by manufacturer Kvadrat.

B&O BeoPlay A6 at IFA 2015

The fabric comes in four different color options: light gray, dusty blue, dark rose and dark gray to match with interior of your living space. Besides all that, the wireless speaker can be wall-mounted (using additional wall-mounting kit), placed at corner of a desk or used as a standalone speaker. In case you want to carry it while moving across rooms of your house, you can use its handle on the back.

B&O BeoPlay A6 at IFA 2015

As for now, the BeoPlay A6 is being displayed at IFA 2015 in Berlin, where visitors can have closer glimpse of this compact speaker. At end of October this affordable speaker will be available at all B&O stores for $999. Well, that’s the company’s idea of being affordable but everyone won’t agree with it. But for those who are looking for amazing design along with better sound quality in speaker, this one definitely would be a great choice.

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