Wearable Tech: Fashionable Oura ring keeps track of your sleep and activity

Sleep Monitoring Oura Ring

Proper sleep is very essential to start your each day with a fresh mind. But in today’s hectic work life people are getting too stressed out that they don’t get enough sleep. Nevertheless, there are already various sleep monitors in the market to ensure how well you are resting. But these always come in unaesthetic shapes or simply in form of watches that people don’t want to wear while sleeping.

ŌURA ring + We Are Curious (Linda Avey) co-operation and Kickstarter campaign from ŌURA on Vimeo.

To change that, Finnish industrial designer Harri Koskinen and Oura co-founder and CTO Kari Kivela have designed fashionable Oura Ring to hide technology inside. It incorporates sleep tracker, activity tracker, pulse oximeters and heart rate monitor. Due to all these high-tech features it can observe your entire day’s activities and sleeping patterns to adapt as per your lifestyle.

Sleep Monitoring Oura Ring

Oura ring is made out of zirconium ceramic that’s waterproof and harder than steel but very comfortable to wear, so you can even wear it at night when sleeping. The chic piece of jewelry is created to make sleep improving technology unobtrusive. This means you can wear it anytime of the day as fashion accessory, whilst the ring will monitor your sleep balance, activity and relaxation time.

Sleep Monitoring Oura Ring (2)

It comes with a companion Android or iOS app that provides day and night readouts of heart rate, brain activity and body temperature to your smartphone. Moreover, the app also advice you on how to improve sleep and performance. Besides all that, the rings is powered by an internal battery that charges in 30 to 60 minutes and can function for up to three days on a single charge. Its presentation box acts as a unique charger for the ring.

Currently, the project is running a Kickstarter campaign and has successfully surpassed the initial target of about $100,000 with 15 more days to go. You can preorder it for $250 in US sizes 6 to 13 and in various color options such as white, gloss black and matte black. Its shipping for delivery is expected to begin from October.

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