Francis Bitonti 3D prints gold-plated pumps for fashionista in you

3D Printed Gold-plated Shoes from Francis Bitonti

If fashionista in you isn’t satisfied with regular 6-inch stiletto, then try out the uniquely artistic 3D printed shoes dubbed Mutatio by New York-based designer Francis Bitonti. Designed especially for Dutch footwear brand United Nude, the Mutatio shoes boasts gold-plated 3D printed heels that are shaped in lattice-like geometric pattern.

3D Printed Gold-plated Shoes

The heels are made from nylon using a selective laser sinter (SLS) machine and then gilded in gold. Each pair of heels features unique mesh pattern, which is produced by tweaking computer algorithm developed with digital customization by Bitonti. After completion of the computer-generated algorithm, the pattern has been 3D printed in shape of uniquely artistic heels. It took nearly 24 hours to print this rare heels pattern, solely using a 3D printer.

Gold-plated base of each pair is finished with a textured black leather upper, which covers the entire foot and has a zip up closure for easy get on/off of the shoe. Instead of 3D printing the heels completely from metal, only 18-carat gold plating is done over its patterned surface. Due to this plating, the shoe remains lightweight while walking.

Gold-plated 3D printed shoes  for United Nude

The classic gold and black appearances make these shoes appear opulently stylish. Although these shoes are obviously not for daily wear, but only for someone with a different taste and desire for towering legs in a unique way. With these unusually 3D printed shoes, the designer is likely to take the fashion industry by storm. However, United Nation’s 3D printed shoes are quite futuristic and far beyond standard red carpet event.

Via: Designboom

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