Drive Watch by Gus Petrikas is based on vintage car gauge

Drive Watch by Gus Petrikas

You may have seen all sorts of themed or stylish watch designs, but most of are not too appealing for petrolheads. The craving for a timepiece with a unique and auto-inspired design which they can proudly flaunt while keeping their hands on the wheel is certainly there for such passionate auto fanatics. Keeping that in mind, London-based industrial designer Gus Petrikas has brilliantly brought the essence of classic cars in the latest speedometer-inspired Drive Watch.

Speedometer-inspired Drive watch

This unusual timepiece is based on vintage car gauge, featuring car speedometer-like design. The face of the watch looks like classic car gauge and is meant to face directly towards the driver, so the person can easily look at the current time whilst driving.

Although, it is an analogue watch but it features the hour and minute hands horizontally on the speedometer unlike conventional watches. Thus, it takes time-telling experience to the whole new level. Furthermore, watch also features precision-machined aluminum unibody for showing accurate timing all the time.

Drive Watch

Besides its exclusive design, the piece boasts a thick leather strap that adds more to its stylish vintage look. I would indeed be a great fashion accessory for any automotive lover to show off their passion for cars in a unique way.

Sadly this eye-catching timepiece is still in its concept phase and there’s no word whether it will make it to the market or not. But Drive Watch surely deserves to hit the market and its appealing aesthetics are likely to impress every car addict.

Via: Thecoolector

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  1. Lauren

    I want this watch more than you could ever know. Please let me know if it goes to production or even prototype. Thanks.


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