You can actually stay in the world’s first sandcastle hotels

Sandcastle hotels by Zand Hotels

While building small sandcastles on beach, probably everyone dreams of living inside one such life-sized structure. However your childhood dream is now a reality, all thanks to the world’s first sandcastle hotels by Zand Hotel. One of these sand hotels is modeled on the Flintstone cartoon, whereas the other one is adorned with dragons, Great Wall of China and the Terracota Army.

World’s First Sandcastle Hotels

Both structures are fully-furnished with one-room suites and even feature sandcastle display inside, literally making your ‘life a beach.’ These two real life pop-up hotels are constructed from sand in Netherlands. Wondering how two sand hotels stay so strong, though these are made out of sand?

Well, the basic structure is made out of thin walls, covered inside and out with reinforced sand to ensure it doesn’t wash away with tides of a sea. Inspired by the ice hotels in Sweden and Finland, these structures are created by event organizers Global POwWow and it took them four weeks for completion.

Sandcastle hotels by Zand Hotels

Unlike usual sandcastles, these sand palaces have windows, electricity, water facility and Wi-Fi facility to make your stay as comfortable as inside any modern home. The life-sized sand hotels have been created as part of the annual sand sculpture festivals in Sneek, Friesland and Oss, Brabant.

An overnight stay for two will cost you $168 along with a tour to nearby festivals, where 30 large sand sculptures are created using more than 800,000 kilograms of sand. Sadly, like conventional sandcastles these hotels are also temporary. They will shut down at the end of the festival i.e. on 28th September in Sneek and on 4th October in Oss.

World’s First Sandcastle Hotels

I known it’s a very short notice to plan a trip, moreover booking for 2015 are already full. But don’t worry, as Zand hotels are even planning to reopen them for next year’s festival in Germany and United Kingdom. So you can relive your childhood dream next year within aforementioned countries. How do you feel about living a beautiful childhood dream in reality? Spare a thought, in comment section below.

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