Extreme Phone Pinching: Would you put your smartphone at risk for laughs?

Extreme Phone Pinching

Probably your heart skips a beat, whenever you drop your phone. But the latest internet trend- Extreme Phone Pinching is all about putting your expensive smartphones at risk. For those, who are willing to snag their smartphone for getting attention on social media network are surely going to go gaga over this cyberspace sensation.

To play and enjoy the laughs, all you need to do is take your expensive phone and hold between index finger and thumb over a canyon location, putting it in extreme danger of being broken. For this phone pinching challenge people are actually seen holding their phones over a high balcony, a toilet, a mountain or a storm drain. Meanwhile, some other person captures a video or picture of them doing it.

Extreme Phone Pinching

Sounds ridiculous, but it’s actually the biggest thing since the ice bucket challenge and recent pizza rat craze on online network. This internet fad has currently taken social media sites like Twitter and Instagram by storm. Extreme Phone Pinching started when the American music band Twenty One Pilots released a video showing band members pinching their phones into sewer grates, elevator shafts and over high balconies.

Lately people from across the globe can be seen rendering their smartphone broken, making themselves feel like a real doofus just for adrenaline rush. However, you cannot actually try risking your pricey smartphone for fun unless you can afford to buy a new one in case you drop yours down a cliff.

Head over here to find out how people are willingly participating in this bizarre challenge.

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