Fashionable Eyecatcher smart wearable comes with an always-on 5-inch display

Eyecatcher wearable by Looksee Labs

Digital generation of today prefer fashion accessories with a touch of technology to it. As the trend of flaunting wearables is on a high, lots of companies are introducing fashionable and hi-tech wristbands /smart bracelets in the market. One such firm is the Looksee Labs which has unveiled a smart wearable that blends art, fashion and technology into one. Christened Eyecatcher, the unique bracelet comes with an always-on 5-inch E-ink display that can present custom images, slideshows, app-notifications and breaking news.

Eyecatcher smart wearable by Looksee Labs

Beside its fashionable looks and hi-tech functionality, the Eyecatcher bracelet boasts a 100mAh rechargeable battery that will last up to 1-year on a single charge. This is one of the most promising features of the wearable that’ll put smartwatches to shame. Once fully charged, there will be enough juice to download and upload the display 8000 times.

Eyecatcher bracelet by Looksee Labs

The Eyecatcher smart bracelet has no buttons and all the activity is controlled through an iOS app. It comes with an always-on display which will allow the users to show their preferable image on the device. You can display a photo from yours phone photo library or can download several patterns. The bracelet then starts a slide-show which you can customize as you like using the Eyecatcher app.

Eyecatcher smart bracelet by Looksee Labs

Once the styling and customizing is done, you can choose the data you want to display on the device. It can display notifications from up to 6 sources including Activity Tracking Stats, calendar, moving maps, text messages, new and stock notifications. Built to be water-resistant using non-toxic hydrophobic nano-coating, the wearable comes with 8MB of its own flash memory which allows a slideshows of around 12 images with the iPhone anywhere near.

Eyecatcher smart bracelet

The Eyecatcher smart wearable by Looksee Labs will come in three design options: Men’s flexible stainless steel bracelet, women’s thin white bronze and Women’s solid sterling silver bracelet. Currently on Kickstarter, the bracelet has surpassed the funding goal quite easily. Early pledge price starts at $214 with shipping expected in February 2016.

Eyecatcher smart wearable

Credit: Cnet

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