Take a day off on land or water with amphibious Water Bed

Amphibious Water Bed by Daniel Durnin

Ever wished for enjoying camping both on land and water? However, you need seperate tent for land and boat for river to get maximum out of terrain and waterway. But not anymore, as Royal College of Art (RCA) graduate Daniel Durnin has created an exceptional camper called Water Bed that morphs from tent into boat.

Amphibious Water Bed by Daniel Durnin

It is actually a nomadic structure designed for micro-tourism along with facilities for a short term accommodation in a mobile tent on land and river. The compact amphibious camper features windows that can be opened and closed as per the inhabitants’ desire. Even drapes are installed onto the windows for privacy in case you’re moving around a crowded area.

Amphibious Water Bed by Daniel Durnin

Interior has plenty of space for seating and also has a small table for riders to place their drinks. This means you and your partner can enjoy a nice time outdoors over couple of drinks, while enjoying magnificent views of nature. The entire structure rests on a set of wheels, allowing you to easily tow it behind a bicycle when you’re on land.

Amphibious Water Bed by Daniel Durnin

On the other hand, when you find an exquisite location to begin your aquatic adventure, you can push the entire mobile camper into the water along with wheels. Then, the structure will start floating on its own providing boat-like feel to the explorers, without any need to buy boat tickets. Sounds so cool, right?

Amphibious Water Bed by Daniel Durnin

You can even snooze inside the shelter while floating on watery waves. With this amazing mobile accommodation, your outdoor adventures won’t end at the shore anymore. As it allows you to interact with nature in a whole new way.

So if you want a comforting outdoor vacation, Water Bed is the perfect camper you need for closer glimpse at enclosing wilderness. The amphibious shelter has also been showcased at SustainRCA 2015, which is a visionary exhibition for the artistic work by RCA graduates at London Design Festival 2015.

Via: Inhabitat

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