Rough day? Smash your stress away in Moscow’s new rage rooms

Moscow’s new rage rooms

Ever wanted to take your nearest object and hurl it as hard as possible just to let out all your anger? Well, Russians are offering an uncommon way to vent out stress. No, I’m not talking about mediation- as it really can’t help when you’re too freaked out. I’m talking about taking a sledgehammer and just break down all the stuff present in a room.

But wait, you don’t have to destroy your house for de-stressing. The Moscow-based company Debosh has launched so called ‘trashing or rage rooms’ that allow people to break all the stuff inside a closed environment to relief all the stress. The concept behind this anti-stress technique is quite simple- you’ve to pay money, walk into the room and break all the objects.

Moscow’s new rage rooms

For $160 to $450 (depending on what sort of objects you like to demolish), the clients can dressed up in protective armor, pick a weapon of their choice, choose a theme song and start knocking down every single unit that’s present inside the rage room. You can choose any preferred weapon such as sledgehammer, baseball bat or club to smash down cheap mid-century furniture, electronics, mirrors or anything in the site.

Moscow’s new rage rooms

All your life you’ve been told not to break stuff, but this rage moment goes completely against it. Over the years, this stress-bursting method has gained popularity in many countries including Spain, Canada, etc. According to the company, it is a great way to de-stress. However, it is just a rare form of entertainment, not any alternative metal therapy or permanent solution to psychological disorders.

Check out the video of rack and ruin to relief stress.

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