Rustic chic DIY cigar box guitar produces smoky sound

DIY cigar box guitar

Over the years, we’ve seen that musical instruments specially guitars are not limited to a specific shape or material. From skateboard decks to cigar boxes, there are numerous salvaged materials that can be used to create these rocking beasts. This time we came across another gorgeous guitar that’s handmade out of nothing but an old cigar box, giving it a rustic chic appeal.

With an urge to make musical instruments from found objects and unconventional parts, Shane Speal, DIY musician and member of Guitar World, has recently created this DIY cigar box guitar. He calls it ‘Nails & Screws,’ aptly named after the words etched into the box lid by its previous owner.

DIY cigar box guitar

The cigar box already carried a recklessly antique look, therefore Speal has selected recycled elements to contrive other parts of the guitar. The only hurdle was the thickness of the cigar box, which wouldn’t be able to produce a harmonious sound. So, the DIY musician opted for ‘ThinBucker’ humbucker pickup for turning the layout into a fully-functional electric guitar. At last, rust-colored spray paint was used to give woody appearance to its metal cover.

Sound holes are reminiscent of Catholic confession window due to its notable lattice pattern. But these are made out of C. B. Gitty Mini Humbucker Wood Pickup Rings ($4.99 per pair) and also includes a small section of metal lattice that’s attached to the pickup rings with hot glue.

DIY cigar box guitar

For making fretboard, 1x2x3-pieces of poplar are used and further attached atop Lowe’s yardstick. To give it a antique touch, the yardstick has been stained with steel wool. Screws are used to mark fret dots over the fretboard just like any conventional guitar. That’s not all, there are even fret markers on the side of the entire neck, offering a cheating advantage to the player.

To complete the look of the rustic DIY guitar, Rustoleum dark brown textured spray paint was used to perfectly blend all the salvaged units and form a perfect knickknackrest instrument. This artistic masterpiece can play cordially deeper and louder tunes like any good quality music equipment.

Head over here to find out how the DIY cigar box guitar produces incredibly smoky sound.

Via: GuitarWorld

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